Bonnie's 2016 Asia Tour

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Bonnie recently returned home from an incredible, seven-week teaching tour in Asia. A big thank you to everyone who made the trip possible - the organizers, the participants, the hosts and all who were involved behind-the-scene!


Her first stop was Taitung, Taiwan where she taught at the 2016 International Somatic Movement Education Symposium. It was hosted by The Somatic Education Society of Taiwan. Bonnie taught two workshops - Embodying the Nervous System and the Secrets of Running. She also enjoyed some downtime in Taitung and spent time studying painting and spending time at the local art store. Bonnie is an avid painter with a passion for studying Chinese brush painting.


The next stop was Tokyo. Bonnie and Eleanor Hanna (who also taught at the symposium in Taitung) participated in a two-person dialogue about the field of somatics organized by The Japan Association for Somatics and Somatic Psychology.

She taught a half-day workshop on dance which was organized by the Japan Association of Physical Education for Women.

Her third workshop in Tokyo was two days on ontogenetic development as part of the Tokyo Fitness Session.


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On to Beijing: Bonnie was invited to teach at the Beijing Dance Academy. The class included some teachers from the Academy as well as other movement practitioners and teachers from other cities in China.

Bonnie taught the first three days of a five-day workshop in Beijing, along with BMCsm teacher Lisa Clark and organized by Apollo Education. Discussion are underway for a future Body-Mind Centering® program in Beijing.

South Korea

This was Bonnie's first time teaching in South Korea. The workshop was held on beautiful Jeju Island and organized by BARINAMO. The peaceful island was a perfect place to cap off the tour. For many in this dynamic workshop, it was their first time studying Body-Mind Centering®.

You can see more photos from Bonnie's workshops on The School for Body-Mind Centering®Facebook page.