Breathing and Vocalization

Course Information

Organization: SOMA
Dates: 30 Jul 2018 to 5 Aug 2018
Location: Grenoble, France
Course Hours:

We manifest our state of being through our breath. Through the expressive qualities of our voice, we communicate to the outer world who we are. Our voice reflects the functioning of all of our body systems and the process of our developmental integration. Bringing kinesthetic and auditory consciousness to our vocal structures opens pathways of expression between our unconscious and our conscious mind and between ourselves and others. Breathing and vocalization are a continuum of the same process. The breath powers the voice and the voice strengthens and reflects how we breathe. Both reflect our state of being and health.

This course includes:

  • The anatomy and physiology of the breathing and vocalization structures: the 5 diaphragms, pharynx, larynx, body cavities, lips and tongue. (Note: The lungs are covered in the Organ System course.)
  • The role of the pharynx and other cavities of the body in the production of resonation and vowel sounds.
  • Distinguishing the structures of the larynx and their roles in sound production (pitch and intensity).
  • Gaining awareness of your own breathing and vocal patterns and facilitating repatterning in others.
  • Exploring the psychophysical aspects of breathing and vocalization.