Homeostasis: Endocrine Tissue, Nerve & Immune Systems

Course Information

Organization: EmbodiYoga
Dates: 4 Jan 2019 to 6 Jan 2019, 26 Apr 2019 to 28 Apr 2019
Location: Dallas, TX United States
Course Hours: 36

Homeostasis is a dynamic and shifting state of constant communication and inter-responsiveness. The Endocrine, Nervous and Immune Systems play a primary role in shaping and modulating this organism-wide balance. When we clarify the roles of these systems we begin to unravel commonly held assumptions about specific things like sympathetic/parasympathetic, the role of the pituitary gland, or the idea that immune cells are all about defense, as well as bigger ideas about balancing ‘being and doing.’ Exploring homeostasis can help us understand personal and transpersonal states of consciousness, and change how we perceive ourselves in the moment and in the environment.