Infant Developmental Movement Education 1 (IDME 1)

Course Information

Organization: EmbodiYoga
Dates: 28 Sep 2018 to 2 Oct 2018, 5 Oct 2018 to 9 Oct 2018
Location: Beijing, China
Course Hours: 70

The focus of the Infant Developmental Movement Education 1 and 2 courses is on learning a non-invasive, playful and heartful approach to interacting with infants and their families and on applying the developmental movement material specifically in facilitating normal movement in infants.

This course includes:

  • Developmental assessment of children from birth to 12 months.
  • Applications of developmental movement repatterning in working with infants.
  • Safe and appropriate handling of infants.
  • Educational play and toys.
  • Professional issues in working with infants, parents and caregivers.
  • Indications, contraindications, scope of practice and referrals.