Integration of the Body Systems and Developmental Movement 1

Course Information

Organization: SOMA
Dates: 8 Apr 2018 to 14 Apr 2018
Location: Grenoble, France
Course Hours:

Just as there is an evolution through the Basic Neurocellular Patterns (formally called Basic Neurological Patterns), there is an evolution through the body systems as well. As we progress through the BNP, each pattern manifests affinities for different aspects of the body systems. These affinities underlie changes of consciousness in our tissues, in our movement, in our perceptions and in our interpersonal relationships.

This course includes:

  • Personal expression of the interrelationships between your body systems and developmental process.
  • Awareness of how others express their body systems through their developmental process.
  • Gaining greater proficiency in facilitating these interrelationships in others.
  • Deepening touch and repatterning skills through the integration of the body systems and development.