Psychophysical Integration 1

Course Information

Organization: SOMA
Dates: 3 Apr 2019 to 9 Apr 2019
Location: France
Course Hours:

To find psychophysical homeostasis we need to maintain our ability to respond to present circumstances in ways that support maintenance and/or return to health and balance. In Body-Mind Centering® we can access ways to transform our habitual psychophysical habits to more fully embody our potential and range of possibilities. This requires continually making conscious decisions to play an active role in the direction of transformation through increased presence, mindfulness and relationship with self, other and community.

This course includes:

  • Exploring in more depth the psychophysical aspects of each of the body systems and developmental movement.
  • Using the senses and perception material to identify aspects of psychophysical expression.
  • Interconnecting psychophysical patterns in the expression of the whole person.
  • Recognizing and supporting the repatterning of nervous system reversals through the different tissues of the body.