Subcellular System

Course Information

Organization: SOMA
Dates: 26 Nov 2018 to 30 Nov 2018
Location: France
Course Hours:

Each cell in our body has living intelligence. It is capable of knowing itself, initiating action, and communicating with all other cells. The individual cell, its internal structures and the community of cells (tissue, organ, body) exist as separate entities and as one whole at the same moment. Attuning ourselves to our cellular consciousness brings us to a state in which we can find the ground from which flows the intricate manifestations of our physical, psychological and spiritual being. Subcellular structures function on the microcosmic level in the same way as the body systems do on a macrocosmic level. Like the body systems, they can be explored experientially and their psychophysical qualities brought to consciousness. As we embody cellular structures, our state of consciousness, movement, voice and quality of touch is reflected or amplified in body systems or larger structures.

This course includes:

  • Relationships of body systems, body tissues, and cellular and subcellular structures.
  • Plasma membrane layers: inner and outer focus and balance.
  • Cellular fluids: extracellular, intracellular, and transitional fluids. Introduction to cellular breathing.
  • Fluid/membrane balance.
  • Tensegrity and continuity of the cytoskeleton.
  • External and internal respiration, and the underlying support of the organelles involved in cellular breathing.
  • Explorations of the organelles involved in the production of proteins and other digestive functions.