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Embody-Move (EMA) is currently offering the Somatic Movement Education (SME) program, the Infant Developmental Movement Education (IDME) program, and the Practitioner program.

All of our programs are delivered in English, but we can provide a translation into French.

Educational Director and Program Director: Katy Dymoke with Janet Amato for the Practitioner program (year 3 and 4).

Administrative Director: Katy Dymoke

Regular Teachers: Katy Dymoke, Janet Amato, Jens Johannsen, Anne Garrigues, Mari Maggi, and others with specialist experience as teachers and practitioners.

Who and what is EMA By Katy Dymoke, founding director.

EMA is a small organisation with a small committee, but the impact of the work is growing apace. EMA aims to deliver the Body Mind Centering Somatic Movement Education program for professionals working in Health, Education, Social Welfare, somatic disciplines, body therapies, mindfulness practices, as well as for individuals seeking personal development or enrichment.

So far we have had students from all the above settings, and from Japan, Canada, and Europe.

EMA is committed to deliver the Somatic Movement Therapist program to place Body Mind Centering in the creative arts therapy sector as an essential experiential training in embodied practice. Body Mind Centering enriches Creative Arts therapies, particularly Body Psychotherapy and Dance Movement Psychotherapy. The fundamental focus on cellular structures and the human developmental progression based in embryology, phylogeny and ontogenetic perspectives, together create a depth of experience and knowing that do not exist in literary form. We also develop inter-personal skills, relational skills, perceptual processes and provide paradigms for analysis and assessment.

EMA aims to deliver and apply embodiment trainings where needs arise and where it can serve the health and wellbeing of the wider community. We are happy to work in partnership with other organisations in order to create bridges across disciplines, to add value and enrichment and encourage inter-disciplinary practice and research.

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Founded in 2007