Licensed Training Organizations

Approved Body-Mind Centering® programs are offered by licensed organizations using the curriculum developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen as well as her written materials. Graduates of these programs receive a certificate from the School for Body-Mind Centering®.

For descriptions of our various programs and courses, see our Programs page.

For more information about programs and courses including current schedules, please contact the organizations listed below. To see a combined list of upcoming courses for all organizations, please see our upcoming courses page.

North America

Lorane, Oregon: Moving Within

Montreal, Canada: Esprit en Mouvement

New York City and Portland, Oregon: Embodied Asana

North Carolina and California: Kinesthetic Learning Center

Texas: EmbodiYoga

European Programs

Estonia: Somaatikum

France: SOMA

Germany: moveus

Greece: Dansarte

Italy: Leben nuova

Slovakia: Babyfit

Spain: Movimiento Atlas

United Kingdom and Warsaw, Poland: Embody Move Association

South America

Brazil and Uruguay: Corporalmente


Beijing, China: EmbodiYoga (Hosted by Beijing Apollo Education and Consulting -- for information in Chinese, please visit: