The two IDME courses build on the four basic courses. They apply the BMCsm material to the observation, interaction and facilitation of infants.

One of the specialties of this program has been that it is deeply rooted in its local structures and at the same time a very international program, that brings Eastern and Western Europe more together. The common language is English, and we offer language support – in class and with the written material translated into German and Slovak.

Another focus is on creating and exploring in a functioning community. To apply the ethics of our method on how we teach and learn together, to establish safe framing conditions to then let people explore into their freedom. The treasuring of individual talents while dissolving hierarchies. In this context, this program has always turned special attention to the advanced BMC® students and practitioners who came to assist, collaborating with them and facilitating them to step forward into their personal light and strength.

Many Teachers have taught in Bratislava in the meantime, amongst them: Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Gloria Desideri, Lenore Grubinger, Mark Taylor, Jeanette Engler. We thank everyone who has been part of our program so far – and we warmly invite you all to join us!

BMCsm and IDME in Bratislava
Babyfit – Anna Sedlackova & Angelika Kovacova
Majernikova 10, 84105 Bratislava/Slovakia
00421 – 905 521 925 or 905 713 314 /

Anna Sedlačková is a dance teacher at the Department of dance creation of the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts. She focuses on holistic approach to man in art and movement education. She worked with significant personalities of contemporary dance and somatic movement in USA. She is a certified IDME and SME, and currently a student of the BMCsm Practitioner Program of moveus in Germany.

Angelika Kováčová graduated from the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, she is a dance teacher and organizer. She is certified IDME and currently a student of the SME Program.

Walburga Glatz is a Registered Movement Therapist and Educator, a Practitioner and Teacher of Body-Mind Centering®, an SME and IDME. She has further trainings in Craniosacral Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage, in different techniques of New Dance, Action Theatre, Butoh, T’ai Chi, and Tango Argentino. She was a judge holding a PhD in Law. She has been teaching BMCsm for years and added working with infants and children individually, in kindergardens and parent-child groups. In her work both with children and adults, the concrete freedom of non-judgemental exploration and the philosophy and poetry of the body have become her focus.

Thomas Greil is Practitioner and Teacher of Body-Mind Centering®, started together with Myra Avedon, Jens Johannsen and Friederike Tröscher the Chiemsee Program 2003-2007. He worked for many years as administrator for BMCsm programs and is currently the educational director of the Association SOMA, which is offering the BMsm Certification Programs in France since 2006. He travels frequently teaching in other European BMCsm Programs and especially in the IDME Programs. He works with babies, children and adults especially with neurological and muscular/skeletal challenges.

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