Movimiento Atlas

Founded by Patricia Gracia in 2010 as a cultural association, Movimiento Atlas has been working since to disseminate Dance Movement Therapy and Somatic Education through Body-Mind Centering® in Spain. Introductory courses to BMCsm have been taught all over the country in educative, artistic, social and sanitary contexts addressing professionals from specific fields as much as linking professionals across disciplines, and bringing the material to students from many different backgrounds.

Following the organizing of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen’s visit to Madrid, Spain in 2015, the foundations for a Spanish Program emerged and the work continued to develop with Walburga Glatz joining the team as the Program and Educational Director.

In September 2017 the Spanish Program will open its doors offering Certificate Body-Mind Centering® programs for the first time in the country while continuing to disseminate the work through an extensive framework of non certified courses.


Movimiento Atlas will offer the following Certification Programs:

Somatic Movement Education (SME), September 2017 to July 2020.

This Program introduces the foundations of BMCsm through the experiential study of all the body systems and the basic developmental material.

Infant Developmental Movement Education (IDME), January 2018 to April 2021.

Through this Program you will learn to apply the developmental material of BMCsm as you are building skills for the observation and facilitation of infant development in movement and sensory integration within the normal frame.

Continuation of the SME into the IDME program brings a unique opportunity to build a solid base with wide applications in the field of Somatic Education. Movimiento Atlas has organized the schedule so that the study of both programs is compatible. We are compromised with providing facilities for those students who commit to take an entire program or even the combination of both.

The programs are directed to people interested in exploring the relationships between body, mind and movement, integrating theoretical and scientific knowledge with experiential, creative and embodied wisdom.

These programs are particularly suitable for those wanting to work with other people using the body, body-based language, and an informed touch to facilitate profound change through ease and comfort. 

We specially invite people who want to make a career in Somatic Education or who are already working in the fields of Somatics, movement, Performing Arts, body-work and/or psychology and psychotherapy and want to enhance their skills to better communicate, perform, and be present through this embodied, human approach. 


All the courses will be held in both English and Spanish with a consecutive translation into the respective other language.

The Team

The SME and IDME Programs 2017 - 2021 in Spain are directed by Walburga Glatz (Program and Educational Director) and Patricia Gracia (Administrative Director). The faculty will be chosen to provide expertise in the respective material as well as variation in teaching styles and will include international Certified Teachers with experience in teaching and applying the work in various fields.

The learning environment will also be supported by a staff of assistants as we are welcoming BMCsm Practitioners as well as Somatic Movement Educators and Infant Developmental Movement Educators to assist and collaborate with us – for individual courses or optimally throughout the entire program. Movimiento Atlas, will be working closely with this staff of assistants to provide a sustained support for the group throughout the program.

Walburga Glatz, Educational and Program Director

Walburga is a Registered by ISMETA Movement Therapist and Educator, a Certified Practitioner and Teacher of Body-Mind Centering®, and SME and IDME. She is the Program Director of the SME and IDME programs in Bratislava, Slovakia. She has further trainings in Craniosacral Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage, in different techniques of New Dance, Action Theatre, Butoh, T’ai Chi, and Tango Argentino. In her first career she was a lawyer and is holding a PhD in Law. She has been teaching BMCsm for many years and added working with infants and children individually, in kindergardens and parent-child groups. In her work both with children and adults, the concrete freedom of non-judgemental exploration and the philosophy and poetry of the body have become her focus.

Patricia Gracia, Administrative Director

Patricia is a Certified Body-Mind Centering® Practitioner currently finishing the IMDE Program with Leben nuova. She is a Dance Movement Therapist (DMT) and holds a BA in Contemporary Dance and an MA in Performance by the L.C.D.S (U.K).  She has worked as a DMT with people from all ages being informed by the study of other approaches such as Psychomotricity and  Bobath. She has studied and taught New Dance for over 15 years focusing on the art of improvisation. She sustains a personal practice in CI and collaborates to its promotion through the association Contact.teu. Patricia is devoted to the dissemination of BMCsm in Spain teaching across the country while maintaining a private practice and researching on the applications of somatic education. Her motor question is: How meeting our bodies helps us meeting the world?

Jorge Ezquerra, Administrative Assistant and Translator

Bachelor of Science in Statistics, Yoga Teacher, Chiropractor and Musician. His background in body-based disciplines starts with Martial Arts (Judo and Karate) and develops through the years with the study of Chi Kung, Yoga, Meditation and a late but passionate interest in Dance via Contact Improvisation. As a member of Contact.teu, he spreads and promotes the practice of CI and Somatic Education, and co-organizes the Valencia International Contact Impro Festival. 

Involved with Body-Mind Centering® through Movimiento Atlas and the many teachers that integrate it in their dance teaching, the principles of embodiment have been a turning point in Jorge's approach to bodywork and body-mind disciplines. His work as translator in various dance and somatics events has led him to undertake the spanish translation of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen's book Sensing, Feeling, and Action along with Patricia Gracia. Researcher of the convergences and divergences of music and movement, one of his main interests is exploring ways for them to nurture and (de)construct each other.

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