Taking Individual Courses

Many courses in our various programs may be taken individually or in combination with no further committment to the program.


Combinations of individual courses to maximize your learning experience

All body systems and developmental movement courses in the Somatic Movement Education Program (Years 1 and 2) may be taken as individual courses or combined to fit your area of interest. Students who wish to study more than one course, but do not want to do a whole program can follow one of several non-certification study tracks. These sequences of courses allow students to focus on a particular aspect of Body-Mind Centering®. They are an excellent way to gain extended experience with a wider range of this work. Study tracks are suggested sequences. Students also have the option of designing their own sequences of courses based on individual interests.

Introduction to Body-Mind Centering®

This track is recommended for students wanting an in-depth introduction to BMCsm. Each course in this sequence serves as an entry point to one of the other study tracks described below. Taken together, they provide an introduction to the broad range of this work. Courses include:

  • Skeletal System
  • Organ System
  • Basic Neurological Patterns
Musculoskeletal Structures

This sequence of courses offers a dynamic, multi-dimensional approach to our locomotor system. Courses include:

  • Skeletal System
  • Ligamentous System
  • Muscular System
Embodied Developmental Movement

This track explores the origins of basic movement patterns and the powerful influence these patterns have in our lives. Courses include:

  • Senses and Perception 1
  • Baic Neurological Patterns
  • Reflexes, Righting Reactions and Equilibrium Responses
  • Ontogenetic Development
Embodied Anatomy

Discover the deep interrelationships between our body systems, movement and mind. In addition to exploring the musculoskeletal system, this track also includes the subtle and intricate role our internal structures play in movement, touch and psychophysical processes. Courses include:

  • Skeletal System
  • Organ System
  • Ligamentous System
  • Fluid System
  • Nervous System
  • Endocrine System
  • Muscular System


Infant Developmental Movement Education courses that may be taken individually:

  • Ontogenetic Development
  • Senses & Perception 1
  • Basic Neurological Patterns
  • Reflexes, Righting Reactions & Equilibrium Responses

Immersion Series Modules

Foundations of Embodied Anatomy & Yoga modules that may be taken individually:
  • Support & Container: Bones & Ligaments
  • Contents & Relationships: Organs & Connective Tissue
  • Process: Cells, Breath & Embryology
  • Movement: Fluids & Muscles
  • Homeostasis: Endocrine Tissues, Nerve & Immune Systems
  • Synthesis: Diaphragms, Breath & Sound
Foundations of Embodied Developmental Movement & Yoga modules that may be taken individually:
  • List of modules coming soon