Mechanics of Vocal Expression, by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen

Second Edition with new material. This book is an introduction to some of the basic structures and principles of the vocal mechanism. When embodied, these principles offer an exciting and dynamic process for unfolding our physical voice to express what we experience, feel, think and cherish.The book includes exercises and suggestions for how we can deepen our awareness of them.

The structures of the voice are explored in the three major attributes of phonation: pitch, intensity and vowel production. There is also a brief look at the function of consonants in setting the rhythm or boundaries of phonation, which offers recuperation to the vocalizing structures.

  • Section I – the oral and nasal cavities, their structure, and the consonants.
  • Section II – the larynx: its structure and function in registration (pitch, intensity and muscular balance/imbalance of the vocal cords).
  • Section III – the pharynx: its structure and function in resonation (overtones, vowel production, vowel scales, vowel color and the continuum of expression and communication).

BOOK • Paperback; 132 pages, Publisher: Burchfield Rose

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