Types of Programs and Immersion Series

There are two categories of programs, Core Programs and Application Programs as well as one category of Immersion Series. Many courses may be taken individually with no prior experience in Body‑Mind Centering®.

Core Programs and Courses

Core Programs consist of a sequential series of trainings that cover the breadth and depth of the Body‑Mind Centering® material. There are three programs in this series, with each exploring deeper levels of embodiment:

Somatic Movement Education
Certified Practitioner of Body‑Mind Centering®/Somatic Movement Therapy
Certified Teacher of Body‑Mind Centering®

Application Programs

Application Programs apply key Body‑Mind Centering® principles to specific disciplines. 

Infant Developmental Movement Education

This program focuses on developmental movement and its application to facilitating normal development in infants.

Immersion Series

The Body-Mind Centering® and Yoga Immersion Series offers a dynamic approach to the practice and teaching of yoga. There are two independent sets in this series:

Foundations in Embodied Anatomy & Yoga
Foundations in Embodied Developmental Movement & Yoga

For information about a specific program or immersion series, please contact one of the organizations offering that program or immersion series.

Please note: Program, Immersion Series and course information is as accurate as we can make it at the time of writing. It may be subject to change without notice. Please contact the organization offering the course, program or series for current scheduling and information. The School for Body‑Mind Centering® and the organizations offering the programs courses may find it necessary to make adjustments from time to time, including changes in scheduling, location, tuition, course offerings and program content and requirements.